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Ngā Kaitiaki me ngā Kaihautū o ngā Kaupapa Waka Hourua o Aotearoa

Nau mai ki tō mātou waka

Today, several waka hourua societies and trusts have formed the backbone of the resurgence of kaupapa waka here in Aotearoa. 

As they continue to actively revive waka hourua kaupapa, the purpose of Te Hau Kōmaru is to support these societies and trusts to uphold waka practices appropriately and to access resources that allow them to continue this mahi. 

Collectively, as tane and wahine of these societies and trusts, we see a future where mātauranga waka can thrive, be protected and supported by Te Hau Kōmaru.

Whakarite tō ake tarahiti waka

How to start your own trust

If you would like the support of Te Hau Kōmaru and/or to establish your own waka hourua trust or society here in Aotearoa see our policies and Trust Deed to guide you in this process. If you have any further enquiries please reach out to [email protected]


The national body and its representatives are supporting pathways for each society and trust to share mātauranga waka and create spaces where this mātauranga and its practices can be appropriately implemented. 

You can find our resources and information on how we can support you as a Trust below.

Day Skippers Course

The Day Skipper – CBE Certificate course is an introductory Coastguard Boating Education course for those being a skipper on a vessel and those new to boating.

Waka Maintenance

Te Hau Kōmaru brings together kaupapa waka experts for guidance, advice and information on mātauranga waka. If you are in need of waka maintenance support fill in the application form here. 

Skippers Restricted Limits

If you are looking to obtain your captain’s licence as a crew member of an existing waka hourua trust or are in need of support on how to start your journey read this information to get started. 

Tārai Waka

Here in Aotearoa, although the practice of building waka is widely known, the masters of the art are few.