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Te Hau Kōmaru Support

The national body and its representatives are supporting pathways for each society and trust to share their kaupapa waka where mātauranga and its practices can be appropriately implemented with the following goals in mind:

  • That the public awareness of waka hourua kaupapa is further enhanced.
  • That mātauranga waka hourua is acknowledged and shared.

To ensure the safekeeping of such a taonga, Te Hau Kōmaru is for waka hourua, their communities, those interested and future generations of Aotearoa.

What We Do

Through Te Hau Kōmaru we hope to connect the public to our many trusts and societies located across Aotearoa. If you are interested in contacting one of the trusts or looking for further information on waka resources and information see our content below.

See below the opportunities available through kaupapa waka. Select the appropriate choice and fill in the details to let us know

Education Programmes

The waka hourua trusts and societies across Aotearoa host and deliver many educational programmes across the motu. If you are interested in learning more or want to know how to get involved, register your interest below.

Waka Trusts in your area

Are you looking for a trust or society near you? Fill in your details below and we will be in contact with you.


Our waka trusts and societies deliver workshops across the motu that help to share mātauranga waka hourua. If you are interested in a waka workshop, register your interest below.